Ikegami Partners With Telecast to Eliminate HD Copper

Ikegami is now offering its HDL-40 HD camera with Fiber Extension fiber interface technology from Telecast Fiber Systems. The integration of the two technologies provides transmission of high-definition video, as well as audio and data, over distances of three miles or more.

"Working alongside Telecast Fiber Systems, we have developed a package that replaces cumbersome multicable connections with one lightweight fiber-optic cable," said Alan Keil, Ikegami director of engineering. "Telecast made a special housing for its HD/POV product that connects it directly to our own control-panel-type connector, so it can use any of the traditional or new Ikegami control panels."

The system is bidirectional, allowing sync and control signals to be fed to the camera over the same fiber.

"Fiber connectivity is a pure path that guarantees that the signal leaving the HDL-40 with Fiber Extension reaches the ancillary equipment exactly as it was intended -- uncompressed and uncompromised," said Joe Commare, Telecast Fiber Systems vice president of marketing and international sales.