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Ikegami Cameras Aid SUNY Oswego HD Transition

MAYWOOD, N.J.—Students at the State University of New York Oswego are get the opportunity to work on set quickly after arriving on campus. To make sure that they get the most up-to-date training, SUNY Oswego has been making the transition to HD. Part of that transition included the addition of three Ikegami HC-HD300 cameras.

The docking style camera is able to be used in either the field or the studio. It features a 2.5 million pixel 1/3-inch 3-CMOS optical block design. The camera works in conjunction with a camera control system consisting of the FA-300 Fiber Adapter and BSF-300 Base Station, utilizing OpticalCON DUO connectors and SMPTE hybrid fiber/copper camera cable.

SUNY’s three HC-HD300 cameras are located in the main studio and help the students learn about proper camera techniques and positions.