Ikegami and Sweetwater Keeps "On-Air" On The Mark

Calif.-based Sweetwater Digital Productions, an entertainment production facility, selected seven Ikegami HL-60W digital cameras to broadcast the Hollywood "infotainment" show "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest."

Camera operators like the high performance of the Ikegami HL-60W and a number of its other features, according to Joe Shackelford, vice president of Sweetwater Digital Productions. He said that the camera has the best balance, stays cool and has all the utility functionality for driving a prompter with aux power and full intercom dynamics control.

"In addition, the HL-60W also has motorized wheels. Since they're situated both inside and outside at Hollywood and Highland, the filter wheel allows the video controller to choose the correct filter without asking the camera operator to do it manually," Shackelford said.

Other features include the debut of Ikegami's DSP ASICS with 0.18 micron design. It has 38-bit internal processing, 67 dB signal-to-noise ratio, 75-percent modulation depth, sensitivity of f11 and vertical smear of -135 dB. Also, the color reproduction in high light areas is improved since the RGB signals are digitally processes with the new knee systems after they are converted to linear signals.

The camera is available for either component triax or two-channel triax configurations.