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ICTV and Grande to deploy HeadendWare

ICTV, creator of HeadendWare, a centralized platform for the delivery of interactive television services, and Grande Communications, a broadband provider of high-speed Internet, local and long-distance telephone and digital cable television services, have announced the selection of HeadendWare for deployment to Grande digital cable customers.

Under the agreement, Grande Communications will utilize the HeadendWare platform for the delivery of a variety of next-generation television services, including interactive games, local entertainment, news content and customer care information.

Grande will initially launch ICTV with the delivery of free and premium level games over its advanced broadband network serving the San Marcos area. Additional services and communities will be added in the near future.

ICTV’s centralized solution uses headend-based processing power and the existing two-way digital plant to deliver real-time interactive services -including high-quality audio and full-motion video-to any digital receiver.

HeadendWare enables any application developed with standard PC, Web and Java tools and supports the latest versions of HTML, JavaScript, Java, Windows Media Player, Flash, RealPlayer and QuickTime. Because application size and complexity are not constrained by digital receiver limitations or carousel capacity, HeadendWare enables the delivery of rich television services.

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