Iconix Video to show affordable HD POV

The camera uses a small controller that remotely controls the head at distances of up to 30ft.

At NAB2006, Iconix Video will unveil its new HD-RH1 multiformat HD POV camera, which captures images in all common HD resolutions, including 1080p/60. It uses three, 1/3in progressive 16:9 CCD imagers inside a compact camera head that measures 1.32in x 1.5in x 1.92in.

The camera uses a small controller, the size of a small laptop, which remotely controls the head at distances of up to 30ft. The system features a 2.5oz. camera head; 3.5lb controller; power supply; and a video cable. In addition to its ability to acquire in 720p (actually about 700 lines) and 1080i (roughly 900 lines), frame rates supported include 24-, 25-, 30-, 50- and 60fps. It uses a 1/3in C-mount to accommodate a variety of lenses.

The HD-RH1 features retractable push knobs on the front panel to allow users to adjust gain, black and white balance, color as well as three user assignable presets in files A, B and C. The back panel has SDI, DVI-D and analog outputs, along with genlock capability to all HD and SD (bi-level and tri-level) signals. Lens and iris control are also available on the panel and can be operated by menu along with programmable gamma functions and electronic shutter enhancements.

The new POV camera will be demonstrated and available for purchase at the NAB convention in April. It will also get its first real-world test with European broadcasters at the upcoming World Cup Soccer tournament in Germany this summer.

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