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IBM and Partners Create 'Super' Storage System

IBM, Newtek and Xtore have teamed up to develop Fibre Channel RAID-based "super" production system that transfers digital video at 500 MBps The system uses Fujitsu's hard disk drives and LSI Quad Port host bus adapters (HBAs) and is being tested at video facilities.

The system is comprised of an IBM Intellistation A-Pro Dual Opteron System, NewTek VT[3] integrated production suite and eight Xstore 2U, 12-bay fibre channel direct-attached storage (DAS) systems.

"The project was done with 48 hard drives, and we see a consistent 500MB per second transfer rate, which is truly amazing," said Dan Ablan, president of AGA Digital Studios in Chicago. "The system can start small with less speed and hard drive space, and scale up as necessary," he said.

Bob Lenard, worldwide director for IntelliStations and Linux Clusters for IBM said that the IBM A Pro includes two AMD 2.2 GHz 64-bit Opteron processors that can run in both 64-bit and 32-bit environments.

"This super system delivers the same power and capabilities of digital video workstations that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more," said Duran Alabi, vice president of sales and marketing of Xtore, based in City of Industry, Calif.