IBIS Highlighter to get IBC upgrade

Broadcast automation provider IBIS will show an upgraded version of its Highlighter tool for live events at IBC 2006. A server-agnostic tool designed for news and sports broadcasting, Highligther will be shown with new templates, data import and dynamic media asset management capabilities.

Highlighter allows the capture of up to six inputs of simultaneous video, allowing viewers to see unique points of view from multiple angles. Using the system, it's possible to capture the start of a horse race; mark a highlight in the middle of the race and then capture the winner at the tape — and have it ready for instant playout to air.

In addition to capture of the live action highlights, Highlighter captures metadata associated with the sporting event, studio transmission or an OB. With the upgrade, associated metadata can be kept long after the session is finished, either on IBIS ServerBase or physically on XDCAM. Points of interest are also kept within the clip, allowing a complete genealogy.

At IBC2006, IBIS will showcase dynamic media asset management with searching and browsing servers tied together. There will also be demonstrations of enhanced features for ICM (IBIS Channel Management) including database management for contracts, rights, planning and scheduling in a multichannel environment.

For more information, visit www.ibistv.com.