IBC2009: MTV UK Installs MPEG Adapters for HD

ARG ElectroDesign, a developer of signal distribution products, has equipped MTV Networks of the United Kingdom with its latest network adapters (Media Combiner MPEG) for transporting multi-program MPEG HD data streams from Warsaw, Poland to London as part of an elaborate IBC2009 demo next week (Stand 6.C28f).

MTV UK & Ireland said its exhibit's configuration will include a pair of HD channels from its playout provider in Warsaw to DBS firm BSkyB's downtown office facilities in London using fiber circuits (provided by Colt Telecom). From London, the two HD streams will be transported via uplink with one distributed throughout other parts of Europe and the second channel earmarked for Latin America. The Media Combiner's network adapters allow MTV to use the same lone circuit to carry both HD channels.

MTV Networks said it configured and installed the system itself using ARG's online Web browser interface. ARG said its Media Combiner network adapter permits up to eight DVB-T MPEG program bundles to be combined into a single interface for transport over an array of circuits — including STM-1, OC-3, DS3, E3 or IP.

Incoming signals are routinely rate-limited to maintain the integrity of the permissible network bandwidth, ARG said.