IBC2009: Envivio Enables Three-Screen, 4 MB HD

In Amsterdam, Envivio rolled out the second-gen edition of its video encoding/transcoding platform at IBC2009--the 4Caster C42--as its next entry in its Convergence Series line.

Envivio said 4Caster C42 combines the performance capacity of next-gen multi-core server processors from Intel to achieve enhanced video quality and optimize bandwidth efficiencies. The unit will enable delivery of HD services to a trio of program streams simultaneously, using Envivio Extreme HD compression which it said enables operators to deliver high-quality HD to IPTV subs using only 4 MB each.

South San Francisco-based Envivio said TV online, even lower bit-rates are possible and can be used in tandem with adaptive bit rate technologies such as Microsoft’s Silverlight Smooth Streaming HD, Flash HD and Apple TV.

The 4Caster C42 platform was designed to support all Envivio compression levels for IPTV, broadband video, and Mobile TV.