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IBC2008 keynote to explore impact of MPEG on broadcasters

Leonardo Chiariglione, CEO of and the individual responsible for founding and directing the work of the Motion Picture Expert Group (MPEG), will offer his perspective on the challenges facing broadcasters as distribution platforms evolve during his IBC2008 keynote speech, Friday, Sept. 12.

Chiariglione, a past IBC International Honor for Excellence recipient, is expected to address the transformation of the traditional broadcast business model made possible by the development of efficient digital content encoding technology.

These efficiencies have opened up a variety of new opportunities to broadcasters, such as HD transmission, multicasting and news ways to reach viewers, including via Web streaming and mobile technologies. However, they’ve also been responsible for the rise of a host of new competitors.

Chiariglione will examine how broadcasters have taken advantage of these opportunities and managed the challenges that have arisen. He also will peer into the future and discuss some of the new realities broadcasters will face as the evolution in media technology and consumer expectations unfolds.

Following the keynote, an executive panel debate will take place during which some countering views will likely be expressed. The panel will be led by media commentator Ray Snoddy.

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