IBC2007 digital cinema day to look at 3-D moviemaking

As part of the digital cinema theme day Sept. 10, panelists will also examine the impact HD home viewing is having on movie attendance and the proliferation of D- cinema screens worldwide.

The theme of IBC2007 will shift to digital cinema Monday, Sept. 10, with an emphasis on major issues such as retaining and increasing movie theater audiences and how the availability of HD broadcasts and packaged media for home viewing will impact movie attendance, as well as emerging issues such as 3-D movie production and presentation.

As part of the day’s theme, several digital cinema-related sessions will be presented, including:

As part of the digital cinema theme day Monday, Sept. 10, IBC2007 will offer multiple panel discussions about the relationship between digital cinema and HD.
  • “The digital cinema experience: Is it affordable enough for the big time?” Led by David Hancock, a senior analyst of film and cinema for Screen Digest, this session will delve into the existing state of the digital cinema market, which has seen the installation of 4000 screens worldwide, but is still rolling out at a slower than expected pace. Participants will include: Chris Koppelmeir, project manager/consultant, German rollout FFA; Lionel Bertinet, Centre National de la Cinematographie, France; Chuck Goldwater, president of AccessIT, United States; Howard Kiedaisch, CEO of Arts Alliance Media, UK; and Bernard Collard, CEO of XDC, Belgium.

  • “3-D, a new dimension in cinema, part 1 — Creating the content: the opportunities, challenges and issues.” Led by Loren Nielsen, CEO of Entertainment Technology Consultants, this session will explore the process of making 3-D movies with a live demonstration of different approaches to 3-D capture. Participants will include: Steve Schklair, executive producer, 3ality Digital Systems, United States; Vince Pace, CEO PaceHD, United States; and Robert Neuman, stereoscopic supervisor, Walt Disney Animation Studios, United States.

  • “3-D, a new dimension in cinema, part 2 — Delivering the show: the presentation technologies; how they work and how they compare.” Led by Howard Lukk, executive director of production technology at The Walt Disney Company, this session will explore the commercial aspects of 3-D movies. Participants will include: Charlotte Jones, analyst and author of “The Business Case for Digital 3-D Cinema Exhibition,” Screen Digest, UK; Joshua Greer, president and co-founder of REALD, United States; and Richard Welsh, manager digital cinema services, Dolby Laboratories, UK.

  • “The ultimate D-Cinema Q&A: An interactive panel on the future of digital cinema.” David Monk, CEO of the European Digital Cinema Forum, will lead this panel discussion. Participants will include: Drew Kaza, head of digital technology, Odeon and UCI Cinemas, UK; Antoine Virenque, Secretaire General, Federation Internationale Des Association de Distributeurs de Films, France; Christine Costello, CEO, More2screen, UK; Robert Kisor, VP of engineering and technical services, Paramount Pictures, United States; Wes Stalcup, manager DLP cinema, Texas Instruments, United States; Jerry Pierce, chairman ISDCF, United States; and Albert Barton, VP of Digital Cinema Technologies, United States.

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