IBC2004 to offer insight into evolving content delivery options, digital networks

Television on mobile phones; television over a broadband network; and HD programming just scratch the surface of the issues confronting content providers, broadcasters and consumers as new digital delivery methods are developed.

IBC2004 will offer those looking for the latest information on delivery and networks a robust conference schedule on Sept. 9.

Highlights of the delivery and networks theme at this year’s IBC include:

  • Eurovision at 50, a retrospective of the first 50 years of European broadcasters’ networks, chaired by David Wood of the EBU, Switzerland.
  • The Next Wave in Delivery and Distribution, chaired by Lou Zacharilla of the World Teleport Association in the United States. Service providers are using corporate IT methods to manage and distribute content. This session will focus on a high-level view of new opportunities for delivering media content and the new technologies that will be used over the next half decade to do so.
  • New Strategies for High Definition, chaired by Joh Bigeni of JJB Associates in Australia. What are the lessons of the initial deployment of HD in the United States, Japan and Australia? How will new HD flat panel displays and HD DVDs stimulate the next spurt in HD growth worldwide? This session will seek to answer those and other critical questions.
  • Media on the Move – The Handheld Revolution, chaired by Ulrich Reimers of the Institut Fur Nachichtentechnik Technische Universitat Braunschweig in Germany. Delivering broadcast channels directly to handheld devices like mobile phones is becoming a reality. New, rugged technologies are fueling this revolution. This session explores those technologies and their potential impact.
  • Broadband – New Thinking for Option and Services; Peer-to-Peer Session, chaired by Ashley Highfield of the BBC in the UK. This session will explore the implications of delivering data, voice and television to consumers via broadband networks.

For more information visit www.ibc.org.

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