IBC announces finalists for innovation awards

CNN, NBA Entertainment, Broadcasting Center Europe and Netherlands Public Broadcasting are among the finalists for this year’s IBC Innovation Awards.

Unlike other industry awards, the IBC Innovation Awards are presented for an application of technology, not the technology itself. Presented to the end user of the technology of a particular project, the awards are presented in four categories: systems for content creation; content management; content delivery; and overall category encompassing content creation, management and delivery.

This year’s finalists for content creation are:

  • CNN for its IP-based digital field newsgathering system, using technology from Apple, France Telecom Mobile Satellite Communications, Global Communications Solutions, Hughes Network Systems, Inmarsat and Streambox;
  • NBA Entertainment for its 3-D HD coverage of its All-Star games, using technology and equipment from REAL D, EVS and Sony.

For content management, the finalists are:

  • Broadcasting Center Europe for its multisite shared storage, transmission and disaster recovery service for Luxembourg's national broadcaster and national archive, using technology from Centre National de l'Audiovisuel and Front Porch Digital;
  • Netherlands Public Broadcasting for its digital facility, using technology developed in house and from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, NOB Cross Media Facilities and Sony;
  • RTL-TVI in Belgium for its instant tapeless production system, using EVS Broadcast Equipment hardware.

Content delivery finalists include:

  • BBC Technology for its multicast system, using technology from BBC Research and Development, BBC Audio and Music, and BBC Future Media and Technology;
  • ITN in the UK for its NeMeSys system, using Telestream technology;
  • Verizon for the MediaFLO system, using technology from QUALCOMM MediaFLO Technologies.

The winners will be presented at the IBC awards ceremony Sunday, Sept. 9.

For more information, visit www.ibc.org.