Hulu Plus arrives on Sony Playstation

Hulu, the company that presents NBC, Disney and other TV content online, is now on the Sony Playstation with its Hulu Plus service. Previously, Hulu had announced its TV services would be available on TV, Apple devices and game consoles. Currently, Hulu Plus is available to Sony’s subscribers to Playstation Plus as a $50/year premium service. Any Playstation Plus subscriber can download the Hulu Plus app but needs an invitation to access the Hulu Plus content during the current preview period. If accepted, the Playstation Plus user then pays the Hulu Plus $9.99 monthly fee to access content.

When this trial period is over, the Hulu Plus app will be open to all Playstation 3 users. Hulu Plus will be exclusive to the Sony game console until the end of 2010, at which point it will also be available on Microsoft’s Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 version will feature functionality with motion-control hardware Kinect.

Hulu, which is seeking new shows to attract paying subscribers, will need to renew program rights from owners including NBC at the end of 2011. SNL Kagan reported that Hulu earned $52.4 million in ad sales in February, with 72 percent going to the content owners.