How broadcasters of different sizes rank technology vendors for great customer service

I’ve previously discussed how more than 1000 broadcasters (broken down by organization size) who have participated in my market research ranked broadcast technology vendors for innovation and reliability. Today, I am going to look at how this group ranked vendors regarding “great customer service.”

Customer service is an important factor in the purchasing process. If you ask broadcasters what they look for most in a vendor, customer service is always on the list. A vendor may have great technology, but unless he can integrate, deploy and back it up with great customer service, broadcasters may be hesitant to install it in their mission-critical operations.

I have written about customer service several times before, including an article that shows how broadcast technology vendors were ranked for "great customer service" by all types of buyers (including broadcasters, systems integrators, post-production facilities, government, etc.) and broke out the data on a geographic basis, regardless of the size of the respondent’s organization.

For a quick recap, Figure 1 is the chart from a previous article that shows this regional breakdown of how all customer types have ranked vendors for great customer service. Please note that in all cases, these brands are shown in alphabetical order, NOT in the order of their ranking in the study. This chart is shown here only for the purpose of comparison, and I am not going to discuss it here. However, I did put together some thoughts and analysis on these findings, which are included in the previous article.

Now let’s move on and look at the same question from a different perspective by taking the responses of just one customer type, broadcasters, and breaking the data out by the size of the respondent’s organization.

Figure 2 shows the responses from more than 1000 broadcasters and is broken down by organization size. For the sake of comparison, I have also included the rankings of all respondents (regardless for organization type, geography, etc.) and all broadcasters (regardless of size or geography) in the first and second columns, respectively. Again, these brands are shown in alphabetical order, NOT in the order of their ranking in the study.

To see the full article, including an analysis of the findings, click here.