Hitachi SK-UHD4000 4K Cameras Head to BYU-Hawaii

WOODYBURY, N.Y.—Hitachi’s SK-UHD4000 4K camera has landed on the island of Oahu as Brigham Young University-Hawaii has added four studio and field cameras to its Media Production Center.

The new 4K cameras replace six-year-old HD cameras in the aim of future proofing content for subsequent workflow upgrades. Programming created by BYU-Hawaii’s MPC include recruiting videos, educational shows, sports broadcasts and the university’s weekly devotional on topics for the Latter Day Saints Church.

The SK-UHD4000 cameras are connected over the campus’ fiber infrastructure to CU-UHD4000 camera control units (CCUs) in the university’s centrally-located studio control room. The 4K footage can be archived to Atomos Shogun standalone recorders directly from the CCUs.

The press release indicates that the cameras will continue to be an asset as the university continues to transition its production workflow to 4K.