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Hitachi Delivers HDTV Cameras to Orthopaedic Facility

OLC Education and Conference Center, a meeting and training facility in Rosemont, Ill., recently purchased two Hitachi SK-3020P HDTV studio cameras and one DK-H32 HDTV robotic remote box camera for high-definition studio production.

Formerly known as Orthopaedic Learning Center, the facility hosts doctors who come to observe prominent surgeons perform open and arthroscopically assisted orthopaedic surgery demonstrations and other procedures.

During the surgical demonstrations in OLC’s HD studio, the Hitachi DK-H32 is positioned on a 10-foot jib arm that extends directly above the operating table so viewers can see the surgeon’s work, while keeping close-ups in focus. The two SK-3020P HDTV studio cameras move around the operating table to capture the entire surgical procedure. The 1080i presentations can be viewed on large HD LCD displays in OLC’s Bioskills Lab, lecture rooms and classrooms. OLC is set up to conduct real-time, two-way video conferences with other facilities worldwide, as well as broadcast via satellite or on the Internet.

“The Hitachi HD cameras are precise and reliable. They have successfully met and exceeded our expectations in this demanding application,” said Donald Kornfeind, production operations director for Showmaker Media, in Bolingbrook, Ill.

Besides designing and managing the facility’s upgrade to HD, Kornfeind also provides system operation management service for his client. Video signals from the Hitachi cameras, as well as fluoroscopes, x-rays, remote video cameras and other imaging devices, are electronically routed with a QuStream PESA HD router, switched on a Ross Synergy 1.5 ME HD video switcher, and recorded in multiple formats including: 1080i, DVCPRO HD, JPEG2000, SDI, DVCAM, and MPEG-2 and MPEG-4.

The cameras were sold through Hitachi dealer Roscor, based in Mount Prospect, Ill.