Hispanics more likely to buy HDTV in next 12 months

Twenty-eight percent of Hispanics say they will purchase a large-screen television or HDTV within the next 12 months, compared to 23 percent of non-Hispanics, according to the results of a recent survey by Vertis Communications.

The findings, part of Vertis Communications’ Customer Focus OPINIONES study, also show that 23 percent of Hispanics say TV advertising is the medium that most influences their buying decisions. That compares to 20 percent who identified advertising inserts and circulars as the most influential and 13 percent who said Internet marketing was the most influential.

The study also found:

  • Twenty-two percent of Hispanics are likely to buy a new laptop or notebook computer compared to 18 percent of non-Hispanic respondents.
  • Hispanics will purchase more digital cameras in 2008; 21 percent will do so versus 18 percent of non-Hispanics.
  • Twenty-one percent of Hispanics will purchase a video gaming system, compared to 12 percent of non-Hispanics.
  • Hispanics are more likely to purchase an MP3 player; 19 percent said they plan to buy one compared to 12 percent of non-Hispanics.

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