High-Res surround audio production workshop

A seminar of production techniques and technologies for multichannel high-definition audio was held at Ocean Way Studios July 21 in Nashville. The sponsors were Lipinski Sound and Mytek Digital.

Producers and engineers were invited to attend free of charge. Topics included surround PCM and DSD production techniques and a day of hands-on experiments and listening tests.

For the purposes of the seminar, the main studio room featured high-resolution 5.1 and 6.0 surround, and stereo playback systems built around Lipinski L-505 and L-707 monitors with L-150G subwoofers and Mytek digital audio converters. Producer/engineer and founder of Lipinski Sound, Andrew Lipinski, discussed his experiences with PCM and DSD orchestral productions for SACD release. Michal Jurewicz of Mytek Digital discussed high-resolution 2FS and 4FS PCM production methods for SACD and DVD-A release, as well as high-speed conversion/processing issues and methods for PC-to-DSD conversion.

For more information visit www.lipinskisound.com, www.mytekdigital.com and www.oceanwaystudios.com.

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