Hero Broadcasting Taps Nevion for Video Transport

Florida-based Hero Broadcasting has selected Nevion's Ventura JPEG 2000-based platform to transport video between Miami and Los Angeles.

Hero Broadcasting, which owns two full power Hispanic stations in Los Angeles and one low power station in Phoenix, is using Nevion JPEG 2000 compression to transport five SD signals from Miami to Los Angeles and back using only two 270Mbps connections.

Nevion’s JPEG 2000 technology provides visually lossless intra-frame compression to broadcast applications at low bit rates (as low as 10Mbps for SD applications) previously not achievable for real-time video. The technology also enabled the Miami-based monitoring of all four of Hero’s Los Angeles digital sub channels off-the-air, as well as a production feed between editing rooms.

“Nevion provided innovative products that clearly give an edge with superior image quality, the ability to get more from our existing network, and an extremely attractive, value-based solution,” said Charlie Trice, Hero Broadcasting’s director of engineering. “And, we were aware of Nevion’s reputation for premium products and service.”

Nevion’s modular, carrier-class Ventura family of products were selected to provide the high-quality, cross-county transport. The VS901-TAED-27 provides infrastructure saving, visually-lossless compression and mapping onto DVB-ASI for contribution and primary distribution applications, providing the ability to leverage existing lower cost 270Mbps infrastructure to support contribution quality HD content, or to use the same infrastructure to carry additional SD content.

Nevion’s VS9500-Ax solution was also chosen to multiplex up to four DVB-ASI inputs into one 270Mbps, with the cascading of modules enabling multiplexing of up to 16 transport streams over SDTI.