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HDMI Licensing releases 3D-friendly HDMI Spec

HDMI Licensing LLC, the group primarily responsible for licensing High-Definition Multimedia Interface specifications, has released HDMI Specification Version 1.4a. The new spec is designed to offer enhancements for 3D applications.

Version 1.4a includes the addition of "mandatory 3D formats for broadcast content," as well as the so-called Top-and Bottom format, according to HDMI Licensing. The 3D format referred to as "Top-and-Bottom."

While the entire HDMI spec 1.4a (and the 1.4a version of the Compliance Test Specification) (CTS), are available to "Adopters" on the HDMI Adopter Extranet, HDMI Licensing said an extraction of the 3D portion of the spec is available to everyone on the HDMI Web site.

According to HDMI Licensing, "The purpose of the extraction document is to provide public access to the 3D portion of the HDMI Specification for those companies and organizations that are not HDMI Adopters but require access to this portion of the Specification."

When HDMI Licensing published spec 1.4 last June, it deferred the selection of a mandatory 3D format for broadcast content until it said the market direction "was more clearly defined." Now, it said, "The market has spoken."