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HD-DVD to take hold in North America; Blu-Ray to grow in Asia, Europe

A new study from In-Stat finds that both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray will be popular with consumers. Worldwide value of all published DVDs will grow to $76.5 billion in 2009, a $43.5 billion surge from 2004 levels.

Results of the study, published in “Worldwide Electronic Entertainment: Packaged Goods Value And Network-Connected Households,” found that later this year in North America HD-DVD will kick-off growth for HD versions of Hollywood movies, as consumers replace VHS and DVDs. Blu-Ray products are expected to take hold in Asia next year and in Europe in 2007. Music videos, DualDisc products and locally produced DVDs will account for 20 percent of the market value by 2009, it found.

Other findings:

  • Outside of North America, Blu-Ray will become the dominant HD format because of its list of backers, greater storage capacity and features;
  • Professional quality DVD authoring packages are becoming widely available, which will increase the market for locally produced DVDs with all kinds of content.
  • By 2009, nearly 55 percent of all TV households will be connected to at least one of the non-traditional network delivery systems, such as cable TV, satellite networks, digital terrestrial TV or broadband TV service.

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