HD World: Fujinon to Demo HD ENG Lenses

Fujinon will showcase several of its newer HD lenses for professional use at the HD World Conference & Exposition in New York, Oct. 14-15 (Booth 1317).

The key glass to be featured from Fujinon’s include its compact studio HD lens (model XA22x7BES), its telephoto lens (model HA42x9.7BERD), and its ZA series of lenses (for 2/3-inch HD cams).

Dave Waddell, the firm’s marketing manager, said prior to the show that the compact XA22x7BES HD lens was designed for studio use with an eye toward broadcasters using ENG-type cameras for studio applications — along with those operations tapping into smaller field production units. The XA22x7BES was designed to be a lightweight box lens that would provide higher optical quality than a standard ENG-type lens. The compact unit includes zoom-and-focus, which the company said is usually more typical for larger studio lens.

The telephoto lens to be demoed is an ENG-style unit with 42x zoom, plus a 2x extender for large venues, such as sporting events. It includes digital remote control, such as for choice for jibs, robotics and tower cams.