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HD video producer finds challenges amid flood of formats

At this point in the development of HD, high-definition production is well understood, but that doesn’t mean it is not without its challenges.

Multiple HD formats, a narrowing of the chasm separating high-end and lower budget productions, and the relentless march of technology that’s putting HD acquisition into the hands of millions of people in the form of flip-cams, consumer camcorders and even cell phones would be enough to make most video producers at least a bit wary about the future.

But not Ed Cornell, a video producer with Stockton Production Services at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Cornell, who a decade and half ago, was one of my favorite contributors when I was editing AVVideo magazine, never failed to take a philosophical view about life and video that helped to put the radical change of that time — the transition from tape to digital — into perspective.

Always interesting, a bit controversial and frequently prescient, Cornell often delivers an insight into technology that’s sadly too easy to miss for those of us who slog through our daily tasks. In this podcast interview, Cornell delivers his take on our HD reality.