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HD Movie Crew Will Blog for Notebook Readers

In last week's edition (HD Notebook, July 27, 2005) we noted that Randall Dark and Kristen Cox will be working soon on a new film comedy shot entirely in HD, in association with director Armen Kaprelian and Awkward Silence Productions.

This week we received word from Cox in Los Angeles (who runs 16x9 Productions) that she and Randall (who heads HD Vision Studios), along with DP Scott Billups and Video Engineer Sean Fairburn, will contribute to a regular blog for HD Notebook readers to track the progress of the shoot from pre-production to post.

The feature film titled "Closing Escrow" will begin principal photography in L.A. in late September and conclude around Oct. 8, according to Cox. Auditions will begin on Aug. 8 for cast members. Meanwhile, she says, comedy clubs in the greater L.A. area are now being scouted for talent.

The production has set up its Web site at