HbbTV Consortium registers Digital TV Labs as test center

Digital TV Labs, which provides independent, specialized receiver conformance products and services, said Nov. 15 that it is the first HbbTV test center officially registered by the HbbTV Consortium.

In August, the consortium announced the release of the official HbbTV 1.1.1 Test Suite, which is key to HbbTV certification.

Digital TV Labs is the first lab officially licensed to certify compliance with the HbbTV 1.1.1 test suite for the large number of HbbTV-enabled iDTVs and set-top boxes being launched to support HbbTV services. Digital TV Labs can provide test reports in hours rather than days using the highly automated Ligada iSuite test harness. 

Additionally, using the company’s HbbTV 1.5 test suite incorporating DASH support, compliance testing can be provided for the HbbTV requirements of UK D-Book 7B, and for the French TNT2.0 HbbTV platform. Digital TV Labs has been closely involved with the development of the official HbbTV Test Suite against the v1.1.1 specification from within the HbbTV Consortium and has authored nearly 50 percent of its tests.