Hawaii's KHON-TV commits infrastructure to Utah Scientific for migration to HD

KHON-TV, the Fox affiliate in Honolulu (and the No. 1 rated station in the Hawaiian Islands) has purchased a master control system, routing switcher and related equipment from Utah Scientific to take the station from SD to HD. Utah Scientific engineers helped us design the system.

The new equipment will serve as the backbone of the station’s HD operations, with the new routing system at the core of its infrastructure.

The station is now installing a Utah Scientific MC-4000 two-channel master control switcher, a UTAH-400 series digital routing switcher, two MCP-2020 multichannel master control panels, three UTAH-400/MV multiviewers, two GS-4000 graphics stations, an MCP-GUI soft panel and SoftPanel-2 GUI routing switcher. The new equipment will be the backbone of the station's HD operation, with the routing system at the core of its infrastructure.

The UTAH-400/144 unit will provide routing for all incoming and outgoing HD signals supporting KHON, as well as those of its digital channels 2.1 and 2.2.

Housed in a compact 9RU frame that includes dual power supplies and optional redundant crosspoints, the UTAH-400 is specifically designed to address the growing requirement for large switching systems with its ability to expand from 8 x 8 to 1152 x 1152 and beyond. Its matrix architecture greatly reduces the complexity of large systems, resulting in a considerable reduction in rack space and power requirements, and yielding significant cost reductions.

The MC-4000 master controller is an integrated system for handling on-air operations in live, automated or automation-assisted operating environments. The system can be used to support still and animated logo insertion; audio and video clip playback; and reliable, foolproof Emergency Alert System messaging.

The UTAH-400/MV multiviewers combine an interactive display design tool with the flexibility to design screen layouts that place pictures, meters, alarm and tally indicators, and extra items like clock and logo displays.