Hauppauge Cordcutter TV Adds Live TV Scheduling for Mobile Devices

HAUPPAUGE, NY—TV receiver developer Hauppauge is responding to the current trend of cord-cutting by launching a “Remote Scheduling TV” feature to its Cordcutter TV solution that allows consumers to schedule recordings of live HDTV shows—delivered over the air for free—to view on their smartphones, tablets or digital media players.

While the Cordcutter TV has allowed the ability to record directly onto mobile devices, the new feature also adds the ability to make scheduled recordings directly on the Cordcutter TV unit. The compression technology in Cordcutter TV reduces the network bandwidth needed to stream live TV, while maximizing the battery life of phones and tablets.

Consisting of a small box that connects to a TV antenna, Cordcutter TV includes two HDTV TV receivers that can send two TV shows simultaneously via the home Wi-Fi network to iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets plus digital media players like the Amazon FireTV, AppleTV and the Roku media player.

With this new update, users can plug a USB thumb drive into the back of the Cordcutter TV device, and use the companion myTV app to schedule recordings, with each live TV hour consuming about 2 Gbytes of storage space.

The Remote Scheduling TV feature is a free upgrade to all Cordcutter TV users. The solution requires updated firmware that’s installed on the Cordcutter TV device, and the myTV app for Android, iOS and AppleTV devices. 

Claudia Kienzle