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Hajtek Vision acquires broadband assets from Miranda Media Networks

Hajtek Vision has announced the acquisition of videoconferencing and related broadband video communication assets of Miranda Media Networks, a division of Miranda Technologies. Hajtek Vision is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal and led by high-tech industry executives Mirko Wicha and Francois Gariepy.

Hajtek has retained all employees of Miranda Media Networks related to the acquired product line-the 500 Series of broadband conferencing and video communication solutions-and is planning to add new products, engineering, marketing and international sales resources. Hajtek will continue developing, enhancing and commercializing the 500 Series through the company's existing distribution network.

“The acquisition of Miranda Media Networks' videoconferencing assets, together with Hajtek's resources and vision, puts us in a leadership position in the broadband interactive video market,” said Mirko Wicha, chairman and CEO of Hajtek. “We have seen strong demand for our products in the North American distance education and broadband conferencing markets, and we are well-positioned to significantly increase our market share in the European and Asian markets. We will also be actively targeting new growth markets, such as tele-presence and security surveillance.”

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