GV Stocks TV Skyline GmbH OB Truck With LDX Cameras

MONTREAL—TV Skyline GmbH is taking 4K capability on the road with its announcement that it has added Grass Valley cameras to its HD OB Van fleet. The German-based company installed 21 GV cameras into its newest truck, the OB8, including 12 LDX 86N 4K cameras, seven LDX C80 Compact Premiere cameras, and two LDX 80 Premiere cameras.

The LDX 86N cameras include HDR and 3x Universe options, and provide traditional native HD/3G acquisition, as well as native 4K/UHD capture. The camera can be upgraded to LDX 86N Universe functionality with 6X HD and 3X HD/3G high frame rate capture.

The LDX C80 can switch its format from 1080i and 720p, while the LDX 80 can be upgraded with GV-eLicenses to support 1080p formats and features the Contour Equalizer for adjusting shadows, mid-tones and highlights independently. TV Skyline has already utilized the LDX C80 cameras for production during the Rio Olympics in August and the “Wagner Festspiele” in Bayreuth in Bavaria.