Grebow leaves Sony, to head MTVA

Grebow leaves Sony to find site for
New York TV Tower

The Metropolitan Television Alliance (MTVA) has named a new president.

Edward Grebow will leave his position as deputy president of Sony to head MTVA.

The MTVA is a coalition of New York City area broadcast TV stations trying to find a site for a new TV tower to replace the one destroyed atop the World Trade Center on September 11th.

Grebow has spent more than 14 years in the television industry. Prior to his working for Sony, he was executive vice president of operations and administration for CBS, president and CEO of TELE-TV Systems, and president and CEO of Chryron Corp.

Since the loss of the WTC antenna, the stations have been broadcasting from atop the Empire State Building, most at lower power. About 700,000 New York City residents and well over a million people in the tri-state area who do not have cable or satellite TV receive poor or no reception of one or more broadcast channels. The MTVA is seeking a new primary site for a TV tower. The new site must be within 3.2 miles of the World Trade Center to avoid interfering with signals from other cities.

The MTVA views Governors Island as the best location within this narrow radius, but have been exploring other possible sites in New York City and New Jersey.

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