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Gray Taps AJA for Frame Sync

Gray Television, an Atlanta-based station group, has installed AJA Video multiformat FS1 frame synchronizers in all of its 36 member stations. The FS1 is a universal 1RU SD/HD, audio and video frame synchronizer and converter that supports virtually any input or output format.

“AJA tools fill in the gaps for us,” said Jim Ocon, vice president of technology for Gray Television. “The FS1 is extremely versatile and is able to be many things to many people.”

The FS1 can up-convert or down-convert between SD and HD while providing simultaneous outputs of both formats, and supports both closed-captioning and closed-captioning conversions between SD and HD formats. It also includes 10-bit HD-to-HD cross conversion for 1080 and 720 formats.

Gray Television has purchased upwards of 130 FS1 converters for its stations to date, with several more on order from local AJA-reseller Professional Video Supply.

“From where I’m sitting, my favorite feature of the FS1 is the fact that it’s a low-cost converter,” Ocon continued. “It’s possible to spend thousands on conversions, so when you can find something that handles multiple jobs on the fly without having to make time-consuming reconfigurations, you definitely stick with it.”