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Grass Valley Viper sets the stage for new film

The Grass Valley Viper Filmstream camera captures images in the new feature film ‘Freezerburn.’ (Photographed by Jesse Grant. Courtesy of WireImage.)

The new independent film “Freezerburn” mixes digital data shot with the Grass Valley Viper FilmStream camera and HD video shot with a Sony HDW-F900 HDCam.

The movie uses all digital acquisition technology that combines the FilmStream workflow with multiple video formats.

Shot over 21 days in Los Angeles, the film is a dark comedy that takes place on the set of a reunion for a fictionalized famous television show called “Freezerburn.” The three-minute opening title sequence, featuring Rachel Hunter and several interstitial fx elements of an alien, were shot with the Viper camera in FilmStream mode. The rest of the film was shot with the HDW-F900 HDCam. The footage is being conformed to match the color of the adjacent scenes.

The film was edited on an Apple Final Cut Pro system. The Viper data was color-timed at Fotokem, in Burbank, CA. Digital FilmWorks worked closely with Fotokem to develop the workflow and conform the data for the title sequence.

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