Grass Valley Behind-the-Scenes at the Grammy Awards

Thomson Grass Valley lent its support to the 48th Annual Grammy Awards on CBS with its Profile XP Media Platform and PDR video server, which helped streamline production by providing unlimited and immediate access to images stored as digital files.

The company outfitted NEP Supershooters' SS24 digital HD mobile unit with Grass Valley Concerto, Trinix video routing switchers and Grass Valley Kameleon signal conversion modules on site to handle the live broadcast.

Grass also had a hand in the images being displayed on large video projection and small LCD screens throughout the Staples Center in Los Angeles for the awards ceremony. The screens played off six Profile PDR 300 servers (each configured with six channel outputs).

ProQue, LLC, a facilities rental and service company based in Huntington Beach, Calif., operated six Grass Valley PDR 300 SD Profile servers and three PVS 2000 Profile HD servers (four 1080i channels each) on site.