Gracenote Launches Personalized Imagery Tool for Video Services

Gracenote Personalized Imagery
(Image credit: Gracenote)

EMERYVILLE, Calif.—Gracenote, a Nielsen company, is rolling out its new Personalized Imagery tool for video services, which is designed to curate program images to drive user engagement and content discovery. Personalized Imagery is a new addition to Gracenote’s Advanced Discovery suite of services.

Personalized Imagery allows linear and streaming TV providers, as well as connected device makers, to dynamically display program images showing different aspects of content based on viewer preferences and previous viewer consumption. These images can be shown on user interfaces, content carousels and program guides.

The Personalized Imagery service uses Gracenote Video Descriptors like mood, theme and scenario, in conjunction with cast information, to select imagery based on the individual user.

“Viewers looking for new shows to watch today rely on program guides and UIs to browse available content choices,” said Kamran Lotfi, vice president, Product at Gracenote. “But a huge opportunity exists to deliver highly personalized user experiences that highlight content in ways that resonate more with viewers. With Gracenote Personalized Imagery, we are offering TV providers a proven way to increase engagement with their content and maximize viewership on their platforms.”

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