Google Fiber Stops Offering Linear TV, Partners With fuboTV

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Google Fiber TV is fading away, as Google Fiber has announced that it will stop offering its linear TV product to new customers in favor of promoting online TV resources, including a new deal that allows customers to automatically sign up for fuboTV.

In a blog post, Google Fiber writes that “customers today just don’t need traditional TV,” and that all the content that they want to access is available online.

Effective immediately, Google Fiber TV is no longer an option for new internet customers. Current customers of the service will still be able to access the traditional TV service, but Google Fiber does say that it can help customers explore other options to make sure they have access to the programming of their choice.

One of these options is sport-centric streaming service fuboTV, which new customers can sign up for simultaneously when they join Google Fiber as part of a new partnership. In addition to sports, fuboTV also offers access to popular TV shows, movies and news.

This is the second streaming service that Google Fiber has partnered with, following a deal with YouTube TV in December 2019.

Customers are not required to sign up for either of these services, but can select any streaming service of their choice if they so desire.

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