Goldstone to Receive TV Engineering Achievement Award

Ira Goldstone, VP/Chief Technology Officer for Tribune Broadcasting Company and technology coordinator for the Tribune Company, has been selected to receive the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Television Engineering Achievement Award. The NAB announcement of the award described Ira Goldstone's pioneering work with several technology innovations, including the early adoption COFDM digital microwave equipment for ENG and one of the first COFDM-equipped helicopters. NAB also mentioned Ira's work as chairman of the Media Security and Reliability Council Task Force on Future Technologies/Digital Solutions. See the NAB announcement for more information on Ira's background and achievements.

The award will be presented at the NAB 2004 Technology Luncheon on April 21 in the Las Vegas Hilton Barron Room. In addition to the presentation of the Television Engineering Achievement Award to Ira Goldstone, Glynn Walden, Senior VP of Engineering for Infinity Broadcasting will be presented with the Radio Engineering Achievement Award. NAB noted that "Glynn is the visionary of the concept, technical design and economics of AM and FM In-Band On-Channel (IBOC) digital radio broadcasting system. In his capacity as vice president of broadcast engineering for iBiquity Digital Corporation he wrote the IBOC technical and regulatory specifications for a design team of 50 engineers, scientists and technicians who went on to develop the HD Radio IBOC system."

Donald Norman, from the Nielsen Norman Group at Northwestern University will deliver the keynote speech at the luncheon. His topic is "Complexity and the Consumer", where he looks at all the complications that come with the digital age -- PVR, DVD, CD, MP3, streaming video, home networks, multiple remote controlled, and a myriad of different video formats. What can be done to fix the mess and simply technology for the consumer?

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