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Gogo Set to Launch ATG-4 Service on Virgin America Flights

Several websites reported last week that Gogo, the in-flight Internet service using EvDO through terrestrial base stations, has signed a deal with Virgin America to roll out its new ATG-4 service in the first half of 2012. The ATG-4 service uses directional antennas, dual modems, and EvDO Rev B technologies to deliver approximately four times the current performance.

I first wrote about the ATG-4 upgrade this March in Aircell Upgrades Gogo Inflight Wireless Links.

"ATG-4's increased capacity is a perfect solution to meet Virgin America's connectivity needs," said Michael Small, Gogo's President and CEO. "We will continue to develop and offer a suite of technology solutions for our airline partners, recognizing that this isn't a one-size fits all market. Our experience has taught us the important lesson that multiple technologies will need to be deployed over time, and our solutions are built to accommodate changes in technology to meet the needs of every aircraft and mission--whether that's through ATG, ATG-4 or satellite technologies."