GfK: TV Has Biggest Impact on Consumer Purchasing

NEW YORK—When it comes to the top type of media that influences consumers at purchase time, traditional television remains king, according to the 2019 Purchase Funnel study conducted by GfK.

The study found that 96% of in-market consumers first find out about a product from media, with 85% saying that media directly influences their purchases. TV was the most important driver of this awareness for 56% of consumers; all other media combined trailed at 40%.

The influence of TV is also able to bridge the age gap, with 85% of adults and 91% of millennials saying TV advertising influenced their online searches. TV ads also spur action, as 78% of opinion leaders said they responded with some kind of action after seeing TV ads.

In addition, the report found that both adults and millennials believe local broadcast TV news and local newspapers are the most trusted sources of news, while social media is the least.

“The most important insight for marketers from the GfK study is that exposure to an advertising platform does not guarantee its importance to consumers—with the exception of television,” said Hadassa Gerber, TVB chief research officer. “With more options for advertisers to deliver their messages than ever before, television continues to have the greatest impact on driving awareness and motivating consumers to take action.”

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