Gems TV gets new studio with Burst design

Gems TV is building its first U.S. production studio under the supervision of systems integrator/deign firm Burst. The new all-digital SDI studio in Reno, NV, will be completed in February, when it will begin broadcasting 16 hours per day on DirecTV.

Gems TV is both a manufacturer of gem stones and a TV home shopping retailer that airs on Sky Digital, ntl:Telewest and DirecTV. The company manufactures its products in Chantaburi, Thailand, which is one of the world's leading centers of gemstones, and sells its products primarily through television, but also on the Internet. Gems TV also owns and operates one dedicated jewelry home shopping channel in the United States and two dedicated jewelry home shopping channels in the UK.

For the turnkey production facility, Burst supplied a variety of engineering services including design and documentation, equipment procurement and installation of the audio, video and lighting for the production control room, technical equipment room and studio of the new facility. Burst is working closely with the staff of Gems TV to build an SDI facility that meets its unique production needs.

Burst’s headquarters is in Denver, with satellite offices in Arizona, California, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas and Utah.

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