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Gefen debuts amplifier that reaches eight displays through a single HDTV source

Connectivity solutions provider Gefen has released its new high-definition distribution amplifier, the 2:8 HDTV distribution amplifier.

The 2:8 amplifier uses only one HDTV video source to eight HDTV displays using DVI (digital visual interface) connectors. The ex-tend-it 2:8 HDTV distribution amplifier splits the HDTV signal eight ways enabling simultaneous, multi-display viewing. It is HDCP (high-definition content protection) compliant, ensuring that all high-resolution data is accurately reproduced for the best picture.

With two DVI inputs, the 2:8 HDTV splitter can also switch between two video sources. Each source, when selected, will distribute up to eight video signals. The 2:8 HDTV splitter is compatible with high-definition video sources such as computers, DVD players and satellite set-top boxes, and high-definition displays and projectors that utilize DVI connectors. When used with one of Gefen's HDTV extension solutions, each display can be extended up to hundreds of feet from the source.

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