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GatesAir Supplying Transmitters for DTV in Vietnam

CINCINNATI—Vietnam is making some moves to boost its transmitter network for digital television, as the country’s national broadcaster Vietnam Television (VTV) has purchased two orders for GatesAir transmitters.

The first order was for four GatesAir Maxiva UHF solid-state transmitters, three ULXT liquid-cooled models and one UAXT air-cooled model. The second order consisted of two Maxiva ULXT liquid-cooled transmitters specifically for VTV5, a channel that serves ethnic minority communities.

These recent acquisition are part of the country’s goal to complete its national DVB-T2 rollout by 2020.

In addition, Voice of Vietnam, the national radio broadcaster, also acquired some GatesAir technology, with the acquisition of five Flexiva air-cooled solid-state transmitters.