GatesAir Appoints Phil Argyris Chief Executive Officer

CINCINNATI—GatesAir today announced the appointment of Phil Argyris as CEO, effective August 20th. Argyris will leverage his 30 years of management and leadership experience as well as his tenure leading the former transmission division of Harris Broadcast. GatesAir is headquartered in Cincinnati with operations in Quincy, Ill.

“On March 17th, we created Imagine Communications and GatesAir from the former Harris Broadcast. Since then, I have been leading both companies as CEO,” said Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications. “We have implemented a universally transparent technology vision, product direction and strategy for Imagine Communications and GatesAir. Appointing Phil CEO of GatesAir is optimal timing, particularly as the broadcast industry accelerates its conversion from analog to digital in many emerging countries around the world and as the United States wireless spectrum repack nears."

Argyris has experience in broadcast, oil and gas and high-tech industries. Prior to joining GatesAir, he served in senior management roles at Harris Corp., and Harris Broadcast, including human resources, general manager of the then former GatesAir over-the-air business unit and executive vice president of R&D, product line management and marketing at Harris Broadcast.

“GatesAir has been at the forefront of architecting next-generation television and radio transmission and studio solutions for nearly 100 years, greatly advancing the world's continuing conversion to digital technology,” Argyris said. “With its financial strength, global scale and proven expertise, the company is ideally positioned to benefit from the emerging trends that are driving our industry forward, including development of new advanced digital standards, LTE network offload and continued expansion of radio and TV networks to meet the tremendous growth in content. I am energized by this opportunity to lead GatesAir at such an exciting time.”