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Gannett 2Q TV Revenues Dip 20 Percent

McLEAN, VA.: Gannett TV revenues fell 20 percent in the second quarter compared to last year, with a similar slide expected for the third quarter, the company said today. Gannett’s 23 TV stations generated $148.4 million in 2Q09 compared to $184.8 million a year ago. Including Gannett’s Captivate digital signage business, the segment generated $153 million in the quarter compared to $192.6 million last year.

“Based on current trends, we would expect the percentage decline in television revenues to be in the mid-twenties for the third quarter of 2009 compared to the third quarter of 2008,” when stations did $50 million in political- and Olympics-related revenues.

Retransmission revenues increased three-fold for the quarter to $14.3 million, but declines in ad sales off-set the gain. Factoring in the compulsory furloughs, operating expenses for the segment were cut by more than 9 percent to $102.7 million.

Combined revenues for broadcast, digital and publishing for the quarter exceeded $1.4 billion, down nearly 18 percent from a year ago. Net income was $78.3 million ($70 million attributable to Gannett, minus around $8 million attributable to noncontrolling interests.) The quarter included several special items and one-time charges, including a $26.1 million gain on the company’s debt exchange, $10.3 million in restructuring costs, $29.6 million impairment and $24.2 million in write-downs, all after-tax figures.

Gannett’s 2Q09 results release is posted here (opens in new tab).

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