Game Creek HD unit relies on file-based workflow

The remote production facilities for the new NFL season and NASCAR coverage for FOX Sports will feature the newest HD mobile unit from Game Creek.

The truck includes a full production network of EVS XT[2] servers — one of the largest compliments of EVS HD XT[2] servers in the country. The truck has 11 HD XT[2] servers, two XFile[2] and three IP Directors stations. The XT[2] servers include full Multicam options as well as HD Super Slow Motion capability. The switcher is also interfaced with the XNet 1.5 Gb/s EVS network via the six-channel HD SpotBox that’s available for the graphics and key show pieces.

The XFile[2] archive stations serve an important role in the FOX Sports workflow by allowing HD content captured on site to be returned to the studio environment. The addition of the IP Director stations enhances the power of the XT network with options for logging crucial metadata to the action being recorded. This information allows production during the live event, with IP Director browsing stations, the ability to find key shots even quicker with keyword searches and other options available within the IP Director interface.

Game Creek is also upgrading one of its existing mobile units to HD to meet market demand. The upgrade includes two six-channel HD XT[2], two four-channel HD XT[2], a four-channel HD Spotbox and an XFile[2].

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