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Fujinon Launches Social Media Campaign

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Optical Devices Division has launched a social media-based campaign to better inform the public of its lenses.

Publishing videos on the company’s website as well as its YouTube and Facebook portals, Fujinon has completed to installments of online content. The Fujinon Facebook page also promotes interaction amongst customers with a platform to post their own videos.

Screenshot of the Fujifilm Optical Division Blog The first installment contains demonstrations covering the many uses of the company’s lenses, specifically optimizing their use when capturing digital video, as presented by Director of Marketing and Product Development Thom Calabro.

The second installment stars Bob Lyon, owner of Lyon Video, talking about which lenses are most popular with his customers. The XA101x8.9mm BESM super telephoto field lens is mentioned.

“By making these videos available on Facebook and YouTube, Fujinon is doing its part to give back to its customers with education and useful information that will make a difference creatively and ultimately to our clients’ profitability,” said Calabro in a company press release. “It’s a very convenient avenue to use to talk about our products and educate our customers.”

Fujinon also publishes the Fujifilm Optical Division Blog, which offers practical information on selecting the lens that best fits a particular users needs.