Fujinon HD ENG/EFP lens combines wide angle, zoom

Fujinon’s HA16X6.3ERM 2/3in HD ENG/EFP lens combines a wide angle and high magnification (16X zoom ratio), enabling production crews to carry just one lens for a range of shooting environments.

The lens is well suited for news, any handheld production and in small studios for a broad range of applications.

The HA16X6.3ERM has a wide angle of 6.3mm and a telephoto focal length of 202mm with the 2X extender. The minimum focusing distance has been reduced to 0.4 meters, and the new lens includes Fujinon's DigiPower servo system for precise control of zoom functions.

When used with HD/SD switchable cameras, the HA16X6.3ERM wide angle increases to 7.6mm in the 4:3 mode. This is the same as Fujinon’s standard ENG/EFP lenses so no ratio converter or wide adaptor is required.

The lens is 95mm x 238.5mm and weighs 4.4lbs, or 4.5lbs with servo attachments for zoom and focus. The lens will be available in the fall.

For more information, visit: www.fujinonbroadcast.com.