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Fujian Media Group takes Jünger Loudness Control

German dynamics processing manufacturer Jünger Audio has sold 22 of its B46 four-channel digital dynamics processors to the Fujian Media Group, in Fu Zhou City in China’s Fujian Province.

The B46 units use Jünger Audio’s proprietary LEVEL MAGIC adaptive control algorithm, which is now being used to control loudness levels across the Fujian Media Group’s extensive range of broadcast output.

Although there are no fixed rules in the region regarding audio loudness, many broadcasters are choosing to adopt the ITU 1770 and EBU R128 standards. As Jünger Audio’s audio loudness systems support the main loudness standards, including ITU, EBU and ATSC, they are up to the task.

The Fujian Media Group has been a Jünger Audio customer since 2006, and Desen says the new units are up to the standards he has come to expect from Jünger Audio.

Jünger Audio’s CEO Peter Pörs says: “Loudness is truly a global problem and no television audiences, whether they be in a province in China, a State in the USA, or anywhere in-between, likes to experience sudden changes in their audio.”