FSR to Unveil Power-Saving Computer Distribution Amps

WOODLAND PARK, N.J.: FSR, a producer of audio and video switching, control products and connectivity boxes, is set to introduce enhanced versions of its high-resolution 1 X 2 computer distribution amplifiers that maintain signal integrity while reducing power consumption.

FSR’s CDA-2EQG and CDA-2EQGA can satisfy applications where a local monitor is needed along with a remote display device requiring a long cable run, such as conference rooms, classrooms and courtrooms, the company says.

The CDA-2EQG and CDA-2EQGA incorporate all of the benefits of previous FSR CDAs, including ultra-high bandwidth, flat frequency response, local monitor output and second monitor output with integrated line driver and cable equalizer, FSR says. In addition, the units feature a “green” automatic power down feature that reduces standby power consumption, and an advanced sync output circuit that helps provide reliable display operation even with improperly terminated cables, the firm says.

The CDA-2EQG local monitor’s output is fully buffered by an independent amplifier stage to eliminate interaction with the remote output that is buffered and equalized to maintain excellent signal integrity with even the highest video resolutions, FSR says. Signals arrive at the far end of the cable, up to 175 inches of standard mini hi-res coax, with almost an immeasurable amount of loss, the firm says.

The CDA-2EQGA incorporates a mini stereo input jack on the front and five- position pluggable captive screw terminal on the back for balanced stereo audio output, FSR says. An active audio balancing circuit ensures long, noise free stereo audio cable runs from the point of installation to the sound system, the firm says.

-- Government Video