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FSN North launches HD coverage of Minnesota Twins

FOX Sports Network North rolled out HD coverage of the Minnesota Twins during the team’s series with the Boston Red Sox from Fenway Park this week.

According to Tom Pahnke, FSN North executive producer, acquisition is done in 16:9 HD and downconverted for distribution to SD viewers. While six HD cameras are used to cover the field, shots are framed with 4:3 aspect ratio.

FSN North has contracted with Mountain Mobile Television in Denver, CO, to provide an HD teleproduction vehicle for game coverage. Backhaul from the truck is done over fiber optic transmission line and satellite.

So far, HD production hasn’t required much more work for FSN North. “Really, there isn’t any difference other than the two transmission paths that we do,” Pahnke said. “The only thing that is a little different is it takes a little more time to get the truck ready, but for the producers and directors putting on a show there isn’t much difference.

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